Monday, February 15, 2010

Garfish, Kirribilli

1/21 Broughton St
Seafood restaurant
02 9922 4322 (No reservations for after 6:30pm)

As a very thoughtful gesture, my boyfriend Dan made a reservation at Garfish Kirribilli for Valentine's Day. That made the day exciting for two reasons - I got to put on a nice dress and visit a restaurant whose objective is to serve 'the freshest fish available'. Even after a little dress drama with the drycleaners, I was still psyched about dining here because I love, love, love seafood. We ate from the Valentine's Day menu - 3 courses and a glass of wine for $85pp.

Sydney rock oysters, fresh with mignonette dressing

Sydney rock oysters, grilled with bacon and worcestshire sauce

Roast barramundi with colcannon and sauce nantua

Grilled snapper with sweet corn risotto

Mango crème brûlée with spiced tuile

The seafood was amazing. The oysters were fresh and seasoned perfectly. The snapper and barramundi were tender and juicy and their natural flavours were brought out beautifully. I did have tiny gripes with the food though - the colcannon (Irish mashed potato) and risotto were too much like the texture of baby food to be served with tender fillets of fish and the crème brûlée didn't crack and was served half lukewarm, half cold. All in all, Garfish know their fish. Whether you've loved fish long time or you want to get into fish, Garfish offers variety and freshness.

Nice restaurants aside, love is staying up late to watch the food channel together. Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.

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