Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Royal Easter Show 2010

Sydney Showground, Showground Rd, Olympic Park
April 1-14
Book online or buy tickets at the door

I love the Easter Show for two reasons and two reasons only: glorious carnival food and small, fluffy animals. And because we're only allowed to come so close to the animals and taking them home is out of the question, the food is a much more satisfying exploit. I especially love my once-a-year conjugal visit with the hot dog on a stick - you seriously can't get ones like these anywhere outside of the Easter Show (not since Muscle Beach closed down years ago, sigh). The best part is how cheap all the food is! My mission was to always have something munchable in my hand.

So here are the highlights of our day...

Chicken shaslick, $8

Baby back pork ribs, $10

My lover, hot dog on a stick, $4

Cheese on a stick, $4

I'm havin' a Gouda time

Fresh lemonade, $5

Pacific oysters, $9 for half dozen

I love an oyster so fresh that you can eat it au naturel with a bit of lemon juice. So yum!

Caramel and fig gelato and mango sorbet from Art of Gelato Michelangelo, $6

Kransky hot dog from Wagners German Gourmet Sausages, $8

Fairy floss bucket, $10

I love saying "Hang on a second, let me close my bucket of fairy floss," like it's the most natural thing in the world.

Okay that's all for now. Hopefully I'll get some more free time to do some cooking in the next few days (yay!).


  1. The Chicken shaslick looks pretty good, so much sauce and chicken. Between your eating adventures did you see any animals?

  2. Haha yes! We saw the dog show and the rabbit show. Didn't take any photos because my hands were always tied :)

  3. Every year I swear I should go but I never end up going!I've been once but haven't been back in 4 years!

  4. Is Muscle Beach that place that had the staff in funny hats and the kick-arse fresh lemonade?! If it isn't then I hope you know the chain that was that I'm talking about - I really miss their lemonade =(

  5. @ Rita
    From what I remember from the Hurstville franchise, they did wear funny hats and aprons that were red, yellow and blue. They did fresh lemonade, hot dog on a stick and cheese on a stick and they had this long counter with 5 different condiments! Good times

  6. hehe your lover is hot indeed! ;) Ahh I wish I'd seen those ribs, they look really good. How were they?

  7. @ Lorraine
    The ribs were good, could have been a bit more tender, but the BBQ sauce was goood :)

  8. OMG, cheese on a stick and dog on a stick. Gotta love carnival food! x