Monday, July 5, 2010

Glass Brasserie, Sydney CBD

488 George St, level 2 of the Hilton
Buffet breakfast
Book online or book as part of a Hilton Mini Break

Most deals don't rope me in. Two for the price of one? I could do without the calories. A 5 year extended warranty for only a little bit extra? I'm sorry - you want more money on top of the purchase price that should ensure that the item works? Likewise, the words "complimentary buffet breakfast" don't wow me. But breakfast at Glass Brasserie is the exception to the rule that buffets mean a ridiculously disproportionate quality to quantity ratio.

Our table looked out onto the QVB; round one (continental breakfast, fruit cocktails, prunes in tea, carrot shot, fruit smoothie)

From the continental section, you've got the usual choices: scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, hashbrowns, bacon, mushrooms, quiche and sausages. Amazingly, everything tastes great! There's also really cute fruit juices (including the most adorable beetroot and orange sunset), all the condiments you could ask for (I love tomatoes with mustard seeds) and fruit yoghurts.

Round two: fresh fruit, rhubarb compote, more fruit cocktails, sparkling water, quiche

On the same table are sliced deli meats, cheeses, olives and an impressive assortment of fresh fruits. Again, everything tastes great and just when you realise you're almost full, there's still a whole table of pastries to get to!

The highlights are the filled donuts (we took some for the road, of course) and the honeycomb for fresh honey (I wish I could have packed this in my bag like I did with the Crabtree & Evelyn soaps in our room).

A few things are telling that this is by far the best buffet breakfast I've ever tried (and I've been around the block with buffets). For starters, Dan and I were stuffed and we hadn't even tried everything yet. There's nothing worse than having to do rounds of the same dish in order to get full. Also, service was great and the experience is worth the forty-something dollars they charge for non-guests. If not for the food, the wow-factor, ceiling-to-floor windows and plush leather chairs make breakfast on a Sunday a fun-day...time. (Breakfast is not restricted to Sunday, I just wanted to pun.)

I realise this is my first post in a month and the crappy phone photos don't exactly make up for it. I'm still a bit traumatised by the horrendous 3-hour law exams I've had to sit so it's taking me a while to get back into the swing of real life. Bear with me, please?


  1. Welcome back! It's ok, there are moments in your life where you need to focus on the more important things; I hope all worked out well and those all-nighters pulled off. Ahhh the days of exams.

    I've heard good things about breaky at Glass Brasserie but haven't been there unfortunately. What a wonderful buffet, if only we were all rich and could afford this on a daily basis (one could only dream).

  2. welcome back ive missed your posts! the breakfast looks fab i love buffets mmm honeycomb

  3. Welcome back! The buffet looks good!

  4. So I don't know how to follow this blog because I can't find the link. But I love these pictures and the food :) I'll go foodie-ing with you in the US!


  5. I've heard so much about the Glass breakfast. Good to know that the reports are true! :D

  6. I've missed reading your posts, Lily! And your African cooking adventures =) You need some food-related activities to wind down, me thinks.

  7. Buffet brekkies are the best!... If I can get up for them haha but Glass does it very well. Did u see the honeycomb?

  8. I'm a bit like you - I take away as much as I can from hotel stays too, LOL! The spread at this buffet looks amazing...

  9. @Sarah
    I think it's at the bottom of the homepage in tiny font that says "Subscribe: Posts". Yay crazy US food!

    You must try!

    Aww thanks :) Yes I need food-induced happy comas.

    Yes I saw the honeycomb! It was the bomb. Wish I could have taken it home.

    Lol great minds, great minds. After this buffet I felt sort of bad for cleaning out the hotel room. But not that bad :)