Friday, July 23, 2010

Kam Fook, Chatswood

Level 6, Westfield, 28 Victor St
Yum cha
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Many of my Asian friends will know that I was very deprived of Chinese delicacies growing up. I have few memories of going to yum cha and only know the food by their taste. It was probably for the best because now, as an adult with a bit of disposable income, I can fully appreciate the experience and go as crazy as my stomach will allow.

Dan and I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at Kam Fook. With my broken Chinese and vague memories of what things were called, we ate our little hearts out. I won't bore you with descriptions, I'm sure you're all familiar with yum cha (what with all food bloggers being Asian and all). As expected, everything was delicious (though not all chopstick-friendly) and doggy-bag-worthy.

Har gao

Pork dumplings

BBQ pork buns

Pork spring rolls

Mixed seafood dumplings

Chicken feet

Dao fu fa

I may not have done this much as a child but I'm thinking I will be a yum cha frequenter from now on because this was really good value! For the both of us, we spent around $50 and doggy-bagged a few things for dinner. In the words of George Costanza, this is like discovering plutonium by accident!


  1. Well then, you're not sterotypically asian then if you have not grown up eating much Yum Cha... :P

    Those pork dumplings look good! Kinda like a gyoza YUM! My favourite yumcha dish is the rice paper rolls with prawns inside where they pour soy sauce over it - I'm not too sure what they are called though..

  2. Aww. If I don't go to Yum Cha at least once a month I don't feel right.

  3. Yum cha as an adult is much more fun - you can order whatever you want and as much as you like!

  4. I really like this place and would love to go back soon!

  5. I agree with Helen - it is now something for you to discover as an adult. It's great for family gatherings and something we used to do almost every week as a child. Time for you to start your own tradition, me thinks!

  6. I'm sure that there is also Yum Cha in Mandarin Center in Chatswood.

  7. Spring rolls and chicken feet, just can't get enough of it. I was recently at Mandarin Centre in Chatswood for some Chinese fastfood. Looking forward to visit this restaurant for more rolls and feet and also the bbq buns first time I heard about it.