Friday, December 31, 2010

Skittles Vodka

Where has 2010 gone? It's hard to believe that nearly a year ago I started this little blog. I've learnt more about food this year than I have in the twenty before it and I've met the loveliest like-minded and supportive food bloggers. Thank you for making food blogging so enjoyable (even if I only update sporadically!). Anyway, as a last hoorah for 2010, I want to share with you... Skittles vodka! 

Skittles are fun but this is no family activity!

You'll need:
1.5L vodka
600g Skittles
5 small drink bottles
Paper towels

Sort the Skittles by colour and put them in separate drink bottles.

Cover with vodka.


Leave overnight.

Strain through a paper towel over a sieve.

Mmm Skittles innards...

Wash bottle and pour back in.

Enjoy your NYE! Much love,


  1. TASTE THE ALCOHOLIC RAINBOW! ahahaha that is so awesome! so bright so vivid! double rainbow double rainbow! so intense! happy new year dude!

  2. Now this is a party trick worth learning =D

    Happy New Year, Lily!

  3. Yay these are fun! Have you ever done the same thing but with Redskins? It is ultra nom nom. Have a great New Years and I hope you dont have a killer hangover.

  4. Great drinks for NYE! Happy New Year!

  5. lol. I've always wanted to make Skittles vodka. So colourful! Happy New Year - looks like it was a merry one!

  6. omg LOL...

    I do love the colors but..... so much coloring into the drink.. :D haha...

    cool, this is a must try for guests next time!

  7. OMG and Oh Wow! This is genius! and so so pretty :-)