Friday, February 26, 2010

Pastabella, Glebe

89 Glebe Point Rd
Italian restaurant
Call 02 9566 4488 for bookings

Known to locals for the best homemade pasta and a passion for fresh ingredients, Pastabella is an intimate corner of Glebe with a lovely candlelit courtyard out back. My friend Nini and I had a girl-date here tonight and I was very taken with the place. Simplicity and freshness are key to its menu, with all pasta made on the premises and a different risotto and ravioli each day depending on what's in season. I generally don't order lasagne when I eat out - what is it about lasagne and bolognese that make them so easy to stuff up? bad wine? bad tomatoes? - but the lasagne was so fresh you could taste the sweetness of the full-bodied tomatoes.

Lasgna di casa ($18)

Prawn ravioli, served with asparagus and tiger prawns, $26

The prawn and asparagus were fantastic with the sweet and smoky sauce. Naturally, the texture of the pasta was smooth and perfectly al dente.

Unfortunately, Pastabella is BYO but there is a bottle shop just down the road.

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog looking up information to this restaurant and after reading i'm definitely going! Cant wait to try that prawn ravioli! Thanks :)